Scott Lindner


“Art and creating Art is the foundation for my life and what motivates me. It has always been the one thing that grounds and centers me”.


Artist Statement:   

Latest Completed Work:

“Angelo Colarossi Dreamscape” © 2020

48” x 60” Oil and gold enamel on canvas

by Scott Lindner

Over the past 8 years, I pioneered and mastered a new painting medium and technique by mixing epoxy resin into pure mineral powders and paint on canvas with it. Like the early painting masters who prepared their painting mediums, I individually handcraft each batch of color painting medium for each project. I put together a color chart of my pigment preparation formulations to have some consistency, but due to the handcrafted nature of mixing the compounds, no two batches will ever be exactly the same. This is an important part of my process and artistic expression. By handcrafting small batches of painting medium, I can explore colors, hues, and depths not possible with commercially produced painting medium. It's my own alchemy. Not found in stores.

The inspiration for my artwork comes from many artists. Many of my images come from early 19th century photography and often the Native American portrait and landscape photographs of Edward S. Curtis. I am drawn to the soft romantic quality of those early images. I believe it’s because of the long exposure times of early photography that the photographs seem to capture the soul of the image. My work is a celebration of cultures and times that no longer exist so they are not forget. Experimenting with pure mineral powder and epoxy resin, I have developed a medium that has that same soft romantic quality. I am also inspired by the gold leafing ornamentation of Gustave Klimt and such contemporary artist as Kahinde Wiley and his use of elaborate backgrounds and David Hockney with his bright color palette and his large multi-panel paintings. My work takes all these inspirations and combines them onto a canvas that becomes a sort of dreamscape. This is what inspired the series name, “Dreamscape”.

My process begins by sketching the composition onto the canvas. Then layering the painting mediums starting with any leafing, then traditional mediums finishing with the resin mixture which merges and blends the composition together.

This resin painting technique requires speed and dexterity. I must capture the images before the medium sets. This requires great planning and organization. I work with the self-leveling nature of the resin by leveling the canvas and relying on the natural gravitational forces to work their magic, this also adds variety and originality to each piece. Because each color batch is unique and the forces of nature are in affect each piece has a life of its own. The introduction of gold and silver leaf and other traditional painting medium to juxtapose with the resin painting medium to bring added depth and dimension to the piece. The areas that are covered with leafing and traditional mediums are covered with non-pigmented epoxy resin so the resin paint mixture can bleed into the clear resin merging all the different areas into a dreamscape of a composition that is new and contemporary.

My large scale dreamscape multi-panel works series which starts with the Teepee Dreamscape piece incorporating the pure mineral pigment powders and epoxy resin medium I have pioneered in conjunction with more traditional mediums like oil paint and gouache on the gold and silver leafing creating a contemporary artistic expression that is not only aesthetically beautiful but rich, complex and unique. I have overcome the size limitations imposed by the epoxy resin mixture by using multiple canvases to make a large scale painting which enables me to create more impactful works with more complex compositions.

This is the first in the series composed of twelve canvases 24” x 30” in size. The work is three canvases high by four canvases wide for a total overall size of six feet by ten feet. The painting is a Southwest landscape with teepees inspired by a 19th century photograph by Edward S. Curtis. I have used gold leafing for the sky and am painting large stylized sunflowers onto the leafing with oil paint. The foreground landscape and teepees will be in the epoxy resin medium in a monotone like the black and white photograph creating a strong contrast to the brightness of the gold leaf and the colorful treatment of the sunflowers. The juxtaposition between the different medium and techniques results in the different areas highlighting each other likened to placing complimentary colors next to each other to make them stronger and really pop off the canvas. I already have a commitment from the J Paul Getty Center to display the finished work in their biennial underground exhibition in August of 2020 provided this pandemic doesn’t cause the event to be postponed.

My direction and vision for the future of my artwork.